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Blended Education and Training – IS it really the best of both?

In case the term is new to you, blended learning courses comprise of traditional face-to-face classes with the added component of online study.

Students generally complete their ‘face time’ at the beginning of the course with a one week training workshop at Ambitions Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth workshops. The workshop allows students to complete a significant portion of their work to reduce the amount of online study.

Face time at the beginning of the course allows students to maximise trainer resources. Also, beginning the course in classes promotes peer interaction and creates a support group, eliminating the feeling of isolation that many students can feel.

The second component is based online. Students are able to customise their learning plan (particularly useful for parents and full time staff) to suit their individual needs. Study can be undertaken whenever, wherever and whatever they choose. The constraints of geographical location and time are removed allowing round the clock access to your course materials and resources.

This mode is ideal for those who can commit a short period of time to face-to-face study, but do not have the lifestyle to dedicate one, or maybe two days per week to classes€“ such as full time employees.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as well as Vocational Education and Training Courses, blended learning™s combination of learning options is seeing it quickly become the number one choice for Australian students.

What is Online and Distance Learning?

Online and distance learning transforms your world into a classroom. With almost ninety per cent of employers stating that advancing technology has made online and distance learning qualifications more acceptable than ever before, it is no surprise this choice is popular.

Benefits of Online and Distance VET Courses

  1. 1. Generally, fees are lower for online courses
  2. 2. You can study whenever you have the time
  3. 3. Your technological skills are advancing much more than your peers undertaking traditional classes
  4. 4. You can study for short bursts of time (that 20 minutes in between appointments) or for long periods of time (if the children are at school for the day) depending on your lifestyle
  5. 5. Connect with peers through online forums and chat
  6. 6. Connect with trainers through telephone, video conference and email
  7. 7. No geographical constraints
  8. 8. No travel time

Benefits of Blended Training and Education Courses

  1. 1. Higher social interaction due to compulsory classes
  2. 2. Working with other students allows for greater peer review
  3. 3. A combination of two learning methods can enable some to learn more efficiently

Each method has its own pros and cons and varies hugely with the individual. However, whether you study online, distance or blended the course component remains the same. As each student acquires the same qualification you should make the decision based on the method that enables you to become the professional you want to be.

About Ambition Training

Here at Ambition, we provide Nationally Recognised and Accredited Vocational Education and Training Courses. With our headquarters in Brisbane, Ambition offers courses right across Australia through distance and online learning.

We also offer blended courses at our Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney, Melbourne or Perth facilities. Studying with Ambition Training Institute provides you with the right course and gives your career the edge.

For more information on the range of courses offered by Ambition, see our course page.

Online, Distance or Blended Delivery?

Like many Australians, you may be re-entering the workforce or changing career paths. In today’s tough job market, a Vocational Education and Training course with Ambition can give you the edge. Many Australians, who are first time students or returning to study after a long break, ask the question €œonline, distance or blended? Which mode is best for me?€

In a two part blog, I will cover the pros and cons of each mode of study to help you decide which mode will mesh with your lifestyle.

Be sure to check back soon! :)

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