What is Online and Distance Learning?

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Online and distance learning transforms your world into a classroom. With almost ninety per cent of employers stating that advancing technology has made online and distance learning qualifications more acceptable than ever before, it is no surprise this choice is popular.

Benefits of Online and Distance VET Courses

  1. 1. Generally, fees are lower for online courses
  2. 2. You can study whenever you have the time
  3. 3. Your technological skills are advancing much more than your peers undertaking traditional classes
  4. 4. You can study for short bursts of time (that 20 minutes in between appointments) or for long periods of time (if the children are at school for the day) depending on your lifestyle
  5. 5. Connect with peers through online forums and chat
  6. 6. Connect with trainers through telephone, video conference and email
  7. 7. No geographical constraints
  8. 8. No travel time

Benefits of Blended Training and Education Courses

  1. 1. Higher social interaction due to compulsory classes
  2. 2. Working with other students allows for greater peer review
  3. 3. A combination of two learning methods can enable some to learn more efficiently

Each method has its own pros and cons and varies hugely with the individual. However, whether you study online, distance or blended the course component remains the same. As each student acquires the same qualification you should make the decision based on the method that enables you to become the professional you want to be.

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